Become The Ideal You®

HOW IT WORKS: After you have enrolled in one of the Master the Masses™ online life coaching courses you will receive a ‘Welcome Email’ with the necessary information to get started.  You will also receive a “Welcome Call’ to get you comfortable with the system and excited to begin! AND a customized hypnotherapy Mp3 to help support the changes you will be making.  Each week you will enjoy receiving a new powerful coaching lesson developed specifically to help you improve the overall quality of your life. Throughout the week and during the course, we will be sending you videos, tips and tools to help you be successful and happy each day!  And remember, your Advanced 101 life coaching course also includes 8 life coaching sessions with Brett Baughman.

 • The Ideal You® program requires a Free Initial Consult before signing up to determine the price for the program.  The price is determined by the scope of the client’s problem.  Click the ‘Initial Consult’ button below to schedule your call.

Course Breakdown

Here you can preview a breakdown of the techniques you will learn to master during your course.  These techniques are in addition to the benefits listed on the Courses page.  To get started, click the button below to schedule your free consultation.


Why Choose Master the Masses™

      • Statistics/Results have proven over and over again that life coaching dramatically improves the quality of your life
      • People who have experienced life coaching report a great level of happiness
      • Remove limiting beliefs and negative emotions that are decreasing your performance
      • Enjoy having expert support in your corner that is committed to your success
      • Finally become The Ideal You™

What Client’s Say

Amazing!  The first week of Master the Masses I was terrified that I wasn't ready or that I wasn't going to get the results I wanted because I had always stopped short in the past.  Well, I can tell you confidently that I am a new man and "Success' is my middle name.
Larry Traner, Coldwell Banker
I am so grateful that I met Brett.  I was going through a divorce and wasn't sure where I was headed with my life.  I was out of work, out of a relationship and out of money!  Brett helped me discover untapped resources that I had and I learned to believe in myself again.  I highly recommend working with Brett especially if you aren't happy with the person in the mirror!
Amanda Stewart, Sassy7