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Victor B. Cohen a Multi-Award Winning Fitness and Sports Enhancement Specialist who is the Founder and CEO of Body Illusions, Inc.  Victor is a former Natural Bodybuilder and a 17 year veteran of Nutritional Consulting. He provides One on One Personal Fitness Training and Exercise Prescription through designing custom programs for each client’s needs.  Victor is known to be a Humanitarian and Motivational Speaker. He was also a Health and fitness article contributor for Jagstone magazine, a former online magazine.

Victor is also a Certified Fitness Professional, A Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist; he is also CPR and AED Certified.

Victor has successfully counseled people from all over the country and world in the benefits of proper nutrition and exercise. His knowledge and guidance has greatly improved the lives of people affected with Cancer, Diabetes, Depression, Obesity, Fatigue and Self Esteem Issues, as well as those seeking to achieve a lean and healthy body through state-of-the- art nutrition and supplementation.

Victor B. Cohen is also a former Professional and Semi-Professional Football Athlete and Talent Scout with 12 Years of Experience in the following Leagues.  NFL, XFL, AFL, APFL, NIFL, MCFL, CFL, MSFL, NAFL and GFL.

Specializing in:

  • Speed and Agility Clinics
  • Small and Large Group  Classes
  • One on One Personal Training
  • Power Plate Exercise Prescription
  • TRX Band Exercise Prescription
  • Kettlebell Exercise Prescription
  • One on One Athletic Enhancement
  • Flexibility and Range of Motion Improvement (ROM)
  • Custom Cardiovascular and Exercise Programs


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