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Over the last sixteen years, The Brett Baughman Companies have cemented their place as an authority on Personal Development, Advanced Communications & Life and Business Coaching.  Headquartered in Las Vegas, Brett and his team  provide ground-breaking seminars, workshops and one-on-one life-transformational coaching. Brett has helped countless business & political leaders, Fortune 50, 100 & 500 executives, Top athletes, Super-star actors & musicians; and now his mission is to ensure that everyone can benefit from the knowledge and resources he has gained over the years through Master the Masses™.

Brett’s specialty is uncovering the challenges his clients face but have trouble determining.  He will then implement dramatically innovative techniques derived from  his expertise in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis to transform the lives of his clients.

Brett puts his life’s mission into one simple statement: “Revolutionize the Future™”

I  am dedicated to the Quest of help my clients to achieve maximum velocity in their journey to become The Ideal You®.  My greatest satisfaction comes when I see my clients not only transforming their own lives, but using their new-found skills to help transform and enhance the lives of their family members, friends, neighbors, business associates and clients.  When it comes to transformation, I aim to create a real-world “viral” experience, one that spreads positively from one person to the next, infecting all who come into contact with a renewed joy and passion for living.”

A native of America’s heartland, Brett travels the world and lives his life committed to being extraordinary while helping others to attain that goal themselves.  At all times, Brett challenges himself to be the best he can be, all the while conveying a positive attitude that is supported by a thirst for knowledge; a commitment to excellence; and an unwavering vow to act at all times with integrity.  This can sound difficult but Brett explained his reasoning in developing this empowered psychology:  “Living with these values; embracing a sense of discipline to hold yourself accountable to a higher standard, is not the easy road.  It’s knowing that you will face situations and people that do not operate from the same standards and that your duty is to find a strategy that ensure each relationship, event or experience of your life is giving the opportunity to grow, shine or be celebrated in the face of adversity. Before I talk the talk, I walk the walk. I want to prove to those who look to me for useful ideas to help transform their lives that it can be done.  In addition, I want to prove that what I offer others is the ‘real deal,’ a philosophy anyone can bring into their lives if they have the commitment to transform themselves into someone happier, healthier and more successful.”

At the same time that he’s living his life as a reflection of what he offers others, Brett embraces the core values that have made Americans – and America – so filled with exceptionalism, generosity of spirit and success.

Brett’s life prepared him for his life’s work:  “I know that the path to personal success – including personal wealth – is followed by seeking knowledge, living with passion and taking action.  As a child, I wanted to know about everything from the arts, to sports to business.  As a man, I have taken this desire and used it to gain intimate – almost hidden knowledge – on how anyone who cares to master the discipline can be successful in every aspect of his or her life.”

Brett’s successful mastery of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and other psychological technologies didn’t come automatically.  He has spent his life undertaking ongoing and extensive research into advanced communication and performance.

Brett’s journey is life-long – and he encourages others to do the same:   “I will always remain a student of life’s knowledge, but for nearly two decades now I have focused my life on sharing the powerful tools I have discovered with clients all over the world.”

Whether he is coaching someone one-on-one or speaking before a packed house of individuals’ eager to master the tools leading to more passionate and successful lives, Brett uses his gifts as an entertainer, author, speaker and compassionate personal coach to help people transform their lives.

Best known as a Life Coach and Business Coach (Strategist) – though that just scratches the surface of who he is and what he does – and working with clients from all walks of life, Brett offers a variety of life coaching services, from one-on-one personal breakthrough sessions to group seminars such as his ‘Strategies for Success’ workshops.  Brett has also appeared – and shared his message – in the movie Iology, where he discusses the need to live by the Law of Importance.

If he had to put his life’s philosophy into one sentence, Brett says it would be:

“Remember, extraordinary is only a thought away …”

The Master the Masses™ virtual life coaching platform has been a dream of Brett Baughman’s for many years.  It is his well-thought-out solution to an ever growing problem.  Brett states, “In our world today is has become increasingly difficult to weed through the noise and find authentic help.  Too often, we find ourselves overwhelmed with stress due to a lack of time, a lack of money or a general sense of confusion as to where to go.  Master the Masses™ is a powerful yet simple tool designed with the client in mind.  The courses are structured to create the greatest amount of impact with the smallest amount of effort.  Every client who enrolls in a course and takes is seriously will change their life forever.  Guaranteed.”

The Ideal You® is a quantum visualization technique that Brett Baughman created to produce extraordinary results in his clients, and to do so at a rapid pace. Most visualization techniques are structured around being able to discover or get a clear picture of what it is that an individual desires to implement in his or her life.

Much like a vision board helps an individual to stay focused on that car or boat or dream vacation – the love interest that they want, these techniques are effective and definitely necessary. However, it is important that we note from our own experiences in life that, knowing what you want and knowing ‘how to get it’ are two totally different things.

In order to achieve the desired level of happiness and success, individuals need to make empowered changes within themselves – then these changes will help participants in the program to become more efficient, productive, driven or motivated to achieve their goals.

The down side is that it takes time and energy to make the psychological and behavioral (and even sometimes physical) changes needed in order to reach these pictures or dreams.

Or does it?

After coaching hundreds of clients, Brett began to realize that it is an individual’s belief system that prepares them for the important decisions in their lives.   This is all about having the resources to make an empowered decision about who they want to be, what they want to do, or what they want to have in their lives.

The Ideal You® Coaching process allows a client to make dramatic positive change without the painful growth period.  As Brett says, “Live the Life You Deserve Now!”

Brett Baughman is a trainer and master practitioner, at the art and science of NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming.  The concept and practice of NLP was created by Dr. Richard Bandler PhD, in the early 1960s, while he was still a student at the University of California Santa Cruz. While there, Dr. Bandler joined forces with Dr. John Grinder, PhD, who at that time was Professor of Linguistics.  Together, they defined a structure for the language that we use – a use that either hampers or helps us to achieve our goals. NLP is now used worldwide, particularly in the business world, as an effective tool towards achievement in many fields.

Bandler and Grinder researched the leading experts in the fields of therapy, psychology, philosophy and hypnosis.  They especially achieved consistent – tremendous, life-altering – results with their patients and clients.  They came to believe that if physicians and practitioners could produce these results repeatedly, and they did, then these two young entrepreneurs determined that there must be a process that can be defined from it.

Therefore, NLP was born.

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming,  is the study of Human Excellence.  It teaches us how to model excellence, the idea that we can do a given task better and more efficiently when we understand the process.

In the proper, professional hands of a life coach, NLP challenges us to look at the process not the content.  NLP teaches, for instance, that when someone tells you they have a problem, it is not about the problem at all!  It is about how they choose to create that problem and feel about it.

What does NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming actually mean?

Neuro: This refers to the way in which we process information through our senses of seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting.

Linguistic: This refers to the way in which we use language to communicate with others.

Brett says, “I use NLP because it is the most powerful, rapid change transformational technique I have encountered or experienced myself and with my clients.”

A Scottish Surgeon James Braid discovered hypnosis in 1842, based on research by German physician and astrologer Franz Anton Mesmer.  Dr. Mesmer gave his name the phrase to ‘Mesmerize’ someone – a process of bringing one to a heightened state of focus and suggestibility.  When you are in trance (which is similar to when you are watching TV, extremely focused and your senses are heightened), you are in an open state that allows you to release your conscious judgments or filters and consider alternative ways to approach problems and find new solutions.

Brett has always been fascinated by hypnosis and uses it diligently in his coaching techniques. Brett has observed that it is challenging to find a time in one’s life when a person is not in some level of trance.  Therefore, by tapping into and enhancing the trance state, and by utilizing the benefits of hypnosis, Brett Baughman is able to maximize the velocity at which he and his clients achieved the desired result.

Hypnosis, whether conducted through language patterns or metaphors, allow a client to obtain the information that they need – information that they want to accept – and to do so with ease. Hypnosis is the quickest manner to access information and make rapid change.

Dr. Tad James created Time Line Therapy ®  (TLT) in 1988.  Tad was a student and Master Trainer of NLP and Hypnosis himself.  Having spent years practicing these techniques, he developed the theory that our mind stores memories in a Time Line, one that is unique to each person.  When a client is able to become familiar with their Time Line, they can work with their coach to access it and utilize several techniques for making rapid change to their behavior and results. One of the most powerful techniques of Time Line Therapy ® is its ability to learn from and remove negative emotions such as anger, sadness, and fear that have been plaguing a client and negatively effecting their performance.


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