For the last fifteen plus years I have enjoyed helping clients to overcome challenges in every area of life from drug addiction and terminal illness to finding your passion and increasing your income.  It has been amazing but every month I speak with several prospects who need coaching and due to either their lack of finances, lack of time or distance from each other, they aren’t able to join the program and get the help they need.

This has bothered me for some time. If someone needs the help, I want to be able to give it to them. I know what this information can and will do for each person who learns it, not to mention the effects on your environment when more people are informed and thriving around you.

So for ten years now, I have dreamt of creating a way to provide my coaching services to anyone who needs or wants them. A way to offer my programs with different price points and different commitments of time. A way for my clients to move through their coaching program at their own pace; a way to get help right from the comfort of your own home!!

Well, my dreams have come true (SMILE)…. With all of the enhancements to technology in the past decade and our ever growing transition to working and studying virtually, I have developed a virtual life coaching platform that solves the problems of not having enough time or not enough money and allows you to work from anywhere, anytime.

The solution – Master the Masses.  Master the Masses is a customized virtual coaching platform that allows both the coach and the client to work together anytime, anywhere.  The client is given the power to choose their course and the pace at which they grow.

Get ready!  Soon there will be ‘NO EXCUSES!’  Master the Masses is expected to launch late 2014.

We look forward to working with you.