Many people stay in professions they are unhappy in because making a change feels too difficult; there simply isn’t time to muster up the energy required. “Not having time” then becomes an excuse for when making a change simply feels riskier than staying in a known situation.

However, a change doesn’t have to be something that happens all at once. Instead, it can be calculated, tested, and implemented slowly. We recently asked 12 members of Forbes Coaches Councilwhat they tell clients who want to change their professional path but “don’t have the time.”

My suggestion:

When a client tells me they want to change but don’t have time, I reply by saying, “It’s not about having enough time, it’s about making it!” When you’re facing a problem you tend to make the wrong decisions. One of them is believing that you should continue to do what’s not working. Uncover your true desire, make a plan to get it, and you will find more time and energy than before. – Brett BaughmanThe Brett Baughman Companies, Inc. 

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