We understand how important the decision is to ‘take action’ and commit to making change in your life.  We also know that providing you with real results from clients who were right where you are now, will accelerate your growth.  Please find below, testimonials from clients who have experienced tremendous change through our innovative life coaching courses.

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For more than 30 years now I’ve been plagued with Trichotillomania and have never found anyone who could help me.  Then a friend told me about Brett Baughman.  I thought “what have I got to lose?” So I gave it a try.  Smartest decision I’ve ever made."
Jennifer Quilici, Folsom, CA
“If you haven’t met Brett Baughman yet, you have to! He is a successful and inspiring person that everyone loves! Just when I was starting to doubt myself and my dreams, I met Brett. I am so happy to work with him, because I see the results already. He is great at helping you accomplish your goals – and that is important. I recommend Brett to everyone!”
Diana Durham, CEO, Pixel Designs
“Brett is one of the most captivating speakers in the industry, with the ability to more than motivate, but to transform lives in just the very first encounter.”
Jim Miller, Former VP Sales, The Anthony Robbins Company
“However you define it, Brett Baughman and The Winner’s Circle will help you create a new level of personal success, wealth, and happiness. Through his unique and highly effective approach, Brett has changed my life by enabling me to recognize and capture the opportunities for success that are everywhere around us. Thank you, Brett for the passion and professionalism you put into the countless lives you have changed.”
Austin Blood, Irvine, CA
“The level of communication that I was able to acheive after working with The Winner’s Circle was phenomenal!  It has empowered me to live a life of fulfillment centered around my passions!”
Leah Goodpaster, CEO, Humanity Spa
“My personal breakthough session was powerful.  I learned that I wasn’t flexible which in turn would cause me a great deal of frustration and anger. I was able to release all of my negative emotions and fears to begin my new life, living my dreams. The breakthough session was life changing!”
Jennifer Vaughan-Holmes, Co-Founder
“I will share with you, as a Success Coach myself, that Brett’s techniques and personal approach to the application of Success Coaching is masterful – and will remove all of the barriers and fears holding you back from attaining the life you deserve, now.  I am truly grateful for the opportunity that led me to working with them both, and will continue to utilize them in the future.  Since working with Brett, I have completely changed my focus, and as a result my behaviors and strategies have allowed me to create all of the things I wished for in my life, now.   Specifically, in my two consulting and coaching businesses, I have doubled my hourly rate (which has helped me to double my income) all the while substantially increasing my client base!  If you are looking to unlock your potential and realize results you have never seen before, I believe the answer lies in front of you.  If given the opportunity to coach with Brett – you have to take it!”
Jeff Roziere, Co-founder, Discover You


“My sister and I have dreamed of creating our own clothing line for over 6 years. We were incredibly overwhelmed on “how to start”. The vision and passion never failed but the procrastination grew.  In January 2008, I was determined to start, but I prayed daily that direction would come.  The first time I met Brett was February 6, 2008 at an office meeting.  I was a speaker myself at one point and it takes a lot to ‘wow’ me.  I had met many speakers in the past 15 years in sales, but not like Brett. It wasn’t the magic pill. The techniques he shared were what I needed to get started. After the meeting we had a conversation and a few days later, started working with Brett.  I knew he was the answer to what I prayed for. I learned how to set weekly and monthly goals, different strategies, quality of work time and different avenues of meeting people.  Brett is a spectacular coach/mentor and I have accomplished so much with his guidance and knowledge. It didn’t feel overwhelming anymore. Before I stared at the top of the mountain and thought “how is this going to happen”? As I transformed my thoughts, attitude and techniques…I became confident that I will get to the top of the mountain step by step, effort by effort.  December 8, 2008, Believe Apparel was launched. In 2009, we launched our accessory and kids line. A dream comes true…. we launched what we were so passionate about, faith and fashion. This is the driving force behind Believe Apparel, by Illuminating the World, One Apparel at a Time.”
Bita Nabati, CEO, Believe Apparel


"I was feling that it was time to take my experience of living to the next level. I'd heard about Master the Masses™ and Brett Baughman from a couple of friends who had done his breakthrough process and were raving about the incredible results they were getting.  I have always believed that the best investment is in yourself, and the techniques that Brett has perfected are extremely powerful.  Brett has an uncanny way of addressing and resolving key issues and I am suddenly more free to get the results I want.  I'm getting things done, moving forward, feeling passionate again, and I am realizing some really exciting life-long dreams.  Thank you Brett.  That was just the most amazing and life changing experience..."
Ron Sinko, B.S., D.C. – Las Vegas, NV

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