Over the last 10 years, life coaching has become a familiar industry for many.

Unfortunately, too many folks still believe that asking someone to help you to overcome a challenge or discover a new way to think is either a scam or heretic. But I am here to tell you that it’s neither.

If you aren’t familiar with Ray Kurzweil and his expertise in forecasting the rate of change in our future, you probably should be. Ray speaks about the rapid pace in which our society is advancing. And now more than ever we are experiencing ground-breaking innovations at break-neck speeds.

In the past, it took decades or even centuries to understand and create a solution to a complex problem. But as Kurzweil explains, as we learn, we learn to solve problems faster; our technology improves and thus our humanity needs to follow.

Did you know that in his book, The Future of the Mind, Michu Kaku gives us insight into our advancements in the area of the mind. He states that in the fifteen years after the creation of the MRI machine in 1977, we discovered more about the human brain that in all of history preceeding! Imagine that. One discovery enriched our understanding of the way we view the world, how we think, behave and communicate. It’s truly remarkable.

In his powerful article The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence, Tim Urban shares an eye opening revelation about the near future. He asks you as the reader to image getting in a time machine and traveling back to 1750 AD. When you arrive, you find a man and bring him back to 2015 with you. When you arrive back home (our home that is) just watch the man from the past and how his mind is blown by the events, technology and reality of this new world. The concepts he would be facing are truly unimaginable to someone like him. Cell phones? Video conferencing? iTunes? electric cars!! What is electricity? People jumping in huge metal flying containers and going to the other side of the world in one day! Sounds crazy doesn’t it. Well, get ready because we are in store for changes that will blow our minds. And they are coming sooner than later.

Urban goes on to compare the differences, challenges and advancements that took place between 1750 and 2015 were vast. But when you think about how must faster we solve problems in today’s world and the fact that the speed of learning increases as your knowledge increases we are headed for a revolution of the mind, body and physics by 2050 that will parallel the experience that our friend from 1750 AD went through.

So what does all of this have to do with you? Everything!

If you feel unhappy in your life now or as though you are overwhelmed trying to keep up with paying your bills, finding time to exercise and take care of your health, learning all the new technologies, social media, finding time and more..! And that’s just the beginning. Imagine how you will feel in 10 or 15 years if you haven’t discovered how to improve your thinking and be innovative in your life. If you haven’t learned a new skill or behavior that enriches your life and pocket book; but instead you have remained in a ‘stuck’ state, waiting for something to change. Well, I can promise you this…things will change. A lot of things will change. The most important question is whether you will be one of those things.

When we are born we have parents to help us get started and learn how to talk and walk and more; then when we are children we have teachers who show us everything from how to tie or shoes to knowing that a covalent bond is a chemical bond that involves the sharing of electron pairs between atoms. When we become adults we tend to lose these teachers and replace them with managers who drive us to work more effectively. Sometimes this can be a good thing and too often it tends not to be. Unfortunately, those who end up leading us as adults are mostly motivating us to support and perpetuate their own goals. And this behavior doesn’t instill hope and resources into us. Most of the time, It leaves you feeling exhausted or even worse – numb!

So we begin to lose the importance and urgency of having a teacher, a guide or mentor – someone to help us see and understand how we can enlighten our minds and develop new strategies to enhance the manner in which we create our lives.

It’s not rocket science but it is science!

In order to make real lasting change in your life, you need to work with someone who can give you fresh ideas and a new perspective on your situation. I always tell my clients that the process is ‘simply complex’. This means that we will figure out the steps to overcome your problem and they won’t be as difficult as you might think but the challenge; the complex part is making sure you have the discipline to follow through. Because when you do, you will succeed!

In my almost two decades of experience dealing with problems that range from minor to catastrophic, I have found that the two most important ingrediants you need as a client are: a well thought out plan (which we create together) & the discipline to stick with it!

So, going back to the future (no pun intended!); soon our society will be advancing in one decade at the same rate that it took us one hundred years to reach. Are you ready! Are you currently happy with career, health, relationships or self image? If not, I urge you to start making a plan. And speaking with a life coach who can provide you with tools to excel, might not be such a bad idea!