Focus and discipline are vital to your success!

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that helps you to quickly integrate change into your life AND it is one of the fastest ways to heal and repair your body and mind!

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• NOTE: Only use this hypnosis track when you are in a place where you can relax and let go.  Do not operate machinary while using!

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  Is Coaching right for you? Here are some great resources and statistics to help you Get Started



• 80% improvement – self confidence • 73% improvement in relationships     • 72% improved communication skills     • 67% improved work-life balance


• Reported ROI of almost six times program cost                                       • 88% increase in productivity when added to training                                  • 48% increase in organization strength                                                • 67% improvement in teamwork


After only 2 weeks, more than 50% of life coaching clients experience a noticeable upswing in their happiness.


Science has proven that negative emotions have ten times the effect on slowing your momentum and focus compared to positive emotions. With each MTM exercise you complete, you will gain more energy and excitement to live your life!  

Expert Help

We truly care about our members and pledge to provide you with the best support and guidance possible!  All coaches, affiliates and staff of Master the Masses™ are experts in their field and have undergone a rigorous background check for standard of excellence and integrity.


Learn the powerful techniques of advanced communication including how to read body language and build instant rapport.  Understand what is truly being said; behind what is being said!

Role Model

To master any behavior you must teach it.  Our society is at a loss for role models right now.  Take action and change your life and then make a commitment to do the same for others.

Our Mission

Master the Masses™ is on a Quest to Revolutionize the Future™! Our mission is to educate, empower and connect as many people as we can in our family, business, community and the world with the intention to improve the overall quality of life on our planet.  Won’t you join us?


Our goal is to make your decision to change your life as easy as possible for you.  In addition to the information provided here, please also visit the following links for more details on the benefits of life coaching: Why Executive Coaching is worth $500.00 per hour and Could You Benefit from Life Coaching?
I laugh all the time remembering when I first started coaching with Brett. I was so afraid that I was going to 'get it wrong' and yet I was seeking help because my life was a mess! The program taught me so many important lessons but for me the most important was that I need to believe in myself and have a vision of success; not failure!
Mandy Williams, LuLuLemon
I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't met Brett Baughman and made the decision to be coached. Worth it's weight in GOLD!
Ryan Cross, RC Capital