MY CHALLENGE TO YOU: I have started a movement to change the behavior of running to social media to complain or share negative information when it happens. ‘Misery loves company right?’ Instead of posting negative words, think for a moment about your intention. Is it to solve a problem or get help OR just to hurt and complain? I challenge you to STOP, and find a constructive and intelligent way to present your thoughts that will evoke action and support that can improve your situation. When you do, hashtag your post with #BETTERWORLD and let’s start banning together to fix the problems that are damaging our society and our children’s future. A simple act such as re-thinking how you communicate what you feel can CHANGE THE WORLD. Look at the big picture and ask yourself what kind of world you want to live in.

I live my life each day focused on what makes me and my loved ones happy. I work hard to live my passions and to create or discover opportunities for myself and humanity to unite and evolve. Life is much more than a bottom line and how many LIKES you have on Facebook or Instagram friends.

I hope this post resonates with you. I hope you see it as an easy way to change a negative and harmful habit. And I hope it helps you and your community to live in a #BETTERWORLD


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