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At Master the Masses™ we are on a quest to Revolutionize the Future.  We understand that there will be times when you will want or need extra coaching sessions whether they be in person or virtual; we understand that companies will need specific training on their systems and products for their employees; we understand that you may just need a 60 minute coaching session to overcome a problem or get ‘unstuck’ that is why we offer a variety of Additional Services.

If you have any questions about our services please contact our office at 702.625.1441

  The right fit is important? Choose from the services below to find the help you need and Get Started today!


• 1 (30) minute life coaching session with Brett Baughman

• 1 (60) minute life coaching session with Brett Baughman

• 1 ninety (90) minute life coaching session with Brett Baughman

All Coaching Services are Tailor-made.  Click Here to Schedule Your Complimentary Initial Consult 

• 2 thirty (30) minute coaching calls with Brett Baughman

• 3 sixty (60) minute coaching calls with Brett Baughman

• 3 ninety (90) minute life coaching session with Brett Baughman

All Coaching Services are Tailor-made.  Click Here to Schedule Your Complimentary Initial Consult 

The Intensive Personal Breakthrough Session is conducted in one day over a period of 5 – 8 hours.  Brett Baughman has conducted dozens of intensive personal breakthrough sessions and each time produced extraordinary results.  If you are ready to change right now and you believe in yourself, then you are closer to becoming The Ideal You™ than you know.  The intensive covers all the exercises and techniques used in our Advanced courses.  You will eliminate negative emotions that are effecting your energy and quality of life • you will pin-point limiting thinking and beliefs and install new behaviors and strategies that enforce the empowered changes and thinking you develop.  In addition, you will receive 2 months of follow up coaching to support the integration of The Ideal You™

• please visit The Ideal You™ page under About.  You will learn more about the technique and how it will work for you

• please also visit our Courses page and review the benefits of the Advanced 101 course.  As an Intensive Personal Breakthrough client you will receive the same benefits listed there.

Total: Quote.  Pricing for the Intensive Personal Breakthrough is based on the scope of the problem.  Each client will receive a free initial phone consult to determine the readiness of the prospect and the appropriate program.  Please schedule your FREE INITIAL CONSULT HERE:  Click here to schedule

Transform Your Life in one Weekend!

We live in a world where everything is instantaneous or at least that’s how we prefer it!  Most of us are so busy with our lives that we have trouble finding time to slow down and actually breathe, let alone set aside weeks or months to work on ourselves.

I understand.  But it’s vital that you carve out time to take care of yourself and reinvigorate your soul.

The Solution – The Ideal Weekend™

Imagine a weekend of pampering and entertainment as enjoy your stay in a gorgeous luxury suite at one of the top hotel’s in Las Vegas.  When you arrive, a limousine will pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel.  From here, sit back and relax, we will take care of everything.

Your weekend will start by joining Brett Baughman for dinner at an award winning restaurant.  Next indulge your senses with a private in-room massage.  On Saturday, Brett will coach you through his world-renowned Intensive Breakthrough – The Ideal You®.

In this invitation-only, immersive one day coaching breakthrough you will learn to  ‘let go’ of problems that have affected the overall quality of your life for years!

You will rapidly unlock new potential and experience a new level of confidence in yourself.  Communication will become a heightened skill that you wield like a weapon.  You will now understand how you operate and what needs to be done at all times to elevate your game or to get back on track.  Your ability to think strategically and to innovate will become second nature.

You will unlock the map to Become The Ideal You®!

On Saturday evening we will have a special surprise in store for you!  And then we invite you to enjoy the rest of your stay and relish in the extraordinary evolution you have accomplished.

If you are interested in The Ideal Weekend™ complete the form below to receive an invitation.

• Only 20 invitations are given away each year
• airfare not included
• The Ideal Weekend™ is customized based on each client.  At sign up we will collect important information to help us prepare the perfect experience for you!

Please complete the form below to request an invitation:

Every industry has it’s challenges and in today’s economy it’s vital to make sure your business is staying current and performing well.  Over the last twenty years Brett has worked with dozens of companies from Fortune 50 all the way to home-based businesses.  If you are having problems or you are not seeing the results you expect, give us a call.  Brett will evaluate your company and provide you with a unique plan to improve the overall performance of your business.  Brett specializes in the following:

• Executive Coaching

• Recruiting

• Sales Training

• Business Operations and Work Flow

• Team Building and Leadership

• Advanced Sales and Communications

• Organizational Development and Efficiency Training

All Coaching Services are Tailor-made.  Click Here to Schedule Your Complimentary Initial Consult 

Do you own a company? Small or large?  Do you have a group of friends or co-workers who would enjoy getting away and immersing themselves in personal growth?  We have the solution.  Contact our office to learn more about our retreats.  Pricing based on size of group and focus of program. (We can also come to you!  Let us know if you are interested in having the event in your local area.)   Contact our office for more information

• 1/2 day Retreat

• Full Day Retreat

• Weekend Retreat

Are you interested in learning specific methods?  Do you want to create a program specifically for you or a group you belong to such as your sales force?  Brett Baughman has been developing training courses and seminars for over a decade.  Let us know what you are thinking and how we can help.  Let’s work together to ensure the success and happiness of your valued network!  Contact our office for more information




Our goal is to make your decision to change your life as easy as possible for you.  In addition to the information provided here, please also visit the following links for more details on the benefits of life coaching: Why Executive Coaching is worth $500.00 per hour and Could You Benefit from Life Coaching?
I laugh all the time remembering when I first started coaching with Brett. I was so afraid that I was going to 'get it wrong' and yet I was seeking help because my life was a mess! The program taught me so many important lessons but for me the most important was that I need to believe in myself and have a vision of success; not failure!
Mandy Williams, LuLuLemon
I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't met Brett Baughman and made the decision to be coached. Worth it's weight in GOLD!
Ryan Cross, RC Capital