Experts broadly agree, that often the difference between living a life that feels without purpose, and a life filled with success and feelings of exceeding expectations, is the decision one makes to seek and follow the wisdom from an experienced mentor.  When that mentor is acclaimed expert life coach Brett Baughman, the possibilities truly rise through the ceiling.  Baughman is a recognized master of Personal Development, Advanced Communications and Life and Business Coaching, who has made it his mission to share his success with others.  Recently the coach announced the Las Vegas Daily Post has brought him on board to answer a new advice column called – The Ideal You, every two weeks starting in March 2015.  All signs point towards this being a huge help in continuing to spread Baughman’s ground breaking work with Master the Masses®, an affordable and flexible life coaching program where he lends his expertize to clients in need at a price point that welcomes nearly anyone.

“I developed Master the Masses® (MTM) as a response to the need I saw for expert life coaching and therapy that was affordable, flexible and virtual,” commented Baughman, who has well over 17 years of diverse experience in fields related to self-improvement.   “MTM is just that. We offer everything from single coaching sessions to 3 month breakthrough courses that include virtual personal training.

If a person in need can afford $97.00 a month and they commit to doing the work, they will change their life forever! Our system provides each user with an online resource where they access weekly coaching lessons, tips to improve the way you feel and the results you produce, exercises to improve your communication and more.  I really believe my new advice column will attract more people into exploring this service that can transform their entire life.”

According to Baughman, the program has four different course levels, which can be stepped into at any time based on the clients needs and budget.  All are guaranteed to produce results as long as the guidance is followed with a good attitude and effort is made to do the all important work of serious self-change.

The reviews from graduates have been incredibly passionate.

Jennifer Quilici, of Folsom, CA  recently said, “For more than 30 years now I’ve been plagued with Trichotillomania and have never found anyone who could help me. Then a friend told me about Brett Baughman. I thought ‘what have I got to lose?’ So I gave it a try.  Smartest decision I’ve ever made ”

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